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BEAN PILLOW: Smoothly and Ergonomically Turn While You Sleep

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The Bean Pillow is ergonomically designed to let you naturally and comfortably change position and turn while sleeping.

Introducing Bean Pillow

Truly, the Only Pillow to Encourage & Guide Natural Body Rolls. Its unique groove hold the occipital bone to help the smooth rotation of the skull throughout the night. Automatically responds to any movements, it is just a fantastic place to rest your head.

 The End of Your Lumpy Bumpy Nights?

You spend 8 hours per day sleeping, which means that your pillow plays a major role in your life… and, depending on the kind of pillow you have, this may not be good news.

You see, most likely, your pillow feels like a sack of knife-like goose feathers, or of lumps of foam that have quickly gone old and sour, giving you a sleep that’s anything but restful.

That’s why you need Bean Pillow, the uniquely ergonomically designed pillow that will make your sleeping moments comfortable, restful and actually enjoyable.

No Neck Left Behind

There are many types of necks… necks of children, adults and senior people, each one being different from each other. There are also many types of sleeping habits… from those which are rather passive to those which involve some really abrupt and sometimes almost acrobatic moves.


That’s why we designed the Bean Pillow to support all kinds of necks, shoulders and positions, being the naturally welcoming and orthopedically correct pillow that will make your sleep be soothing no matter how much you move and what your favorite position is.


Good Night, Sleep Tight

Stop blaming the usual suspects: sleep disorders, excess coffee, stress and concerns, and acknowledge that what’s keeping you from sleeping as you should lies right under your head when you’re restlessly turning around and having nightmares.

With the Bean Pillow, you’ll start falling asleep fast, you’ll forget about bad nights and bad dreams, and you’ll wake up feeling like you actually rested and regained your energy for a bright new day.


The Bean Pillow will literally let you sleep tight, having the kind of good night that will make you welcome each new day with the sense of being ready to make the most of it.


Breathe Well, Snore Less

With its non-toxic, non-allergic and luxurious memory foam, along with its ergonomic design, the Bean Pillow will allow you to naturally breathe better and consequently snore a lot less during your nights.


At the same time, with the Bean Pillow, you won’t sleep or wake up with neck pain, and, unlike all other pillows, it will never add to your growing back problems. On the contrary, the Bean Pillow will help relieve and reduce your neck and back pains because it is designed to help straighten bad postures and relax your muscles while you sleep.