Our Story

Having a restful weekend?

If you’ve ever fallen asleep in an adult onesie while clutching the remnants of a chimichanga in one hand and a plush unicorn named Carl in the other, chances are you’re really good at weekends.

Unfortunately, weekends don’t pay, so every Monday you pound some coffee and haul yourself over to the assault of stress and chaos that is Your Job.

For the next five days, you keep your body running on a strict regimen of energy drinks and desperation, barely sleeping and keeping your eye on that sweet, sweet weekend.

Your body can’t handle that. And eventually, the lack of sleep and stress can lead to some very real health problems. I wanted to change that. My first product, the C-Rest is a revolutionary neck massager that totally destroys knots and tension, which means your whole body feels better. (You’ll probably want to marry it, but that’s only legal in Michigan.)

But the C-rest is only the start. I want to banish stress, and each product I create does just that. Check out my Kickstarter and see what I’m up to now—trust me, you’ll love it.


Dr. Ryan Song, the Creator of C-Rest & the Pillow