You're a Busy Bee!

Busy Bees tend to be too busy for their own good. Responsibility, endless to-do lists and mental stress can bear you down. You will never believe this, but overthinking causes headaches in the form of tension headaches. Stress and overthinking are the result of too much left-hemisphere activity in the Brain, which can cause some major disruptions in both your physical and emotional state. In short, you're a race car that never knows when to stop for a refuel. No time for rejuvenation.


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This health plan, made just for Busy Bees like you, is recommended to feel headache-free asap while supporting long-term health. FYI, you're not alone! There're thousands of Alpacas here.


Busy Bees are most likely...

  • You feel temples are pounding or the pain is all over the head; even migraines

  • Your mind is on overdrive whether it's from relationship, work, or personal matters.

  • Responsibility, stress, the sense of urgency, and feeling of helplessness trigger headaches and it comes with stiff neck and shoulder.

  • Your sleep is bother with thoughts after thoughts- difficult to fall asleep. You wake up in the middle of the nights, sometimes difficult to go back to sleep.

  • You try multiple gadgets and gizmos for relaxation.

  • You probably had several X-Rays, CT scans, and MRI. Doctors do not know why you have headaches.


  • For Busy Bees, when someone is "in their head" too much of the time, it results in "somatic complaints" such as headaches, ulcers, muscle tension, and even back problems. Basically, emotions take over the body to cause headaches. Overthinking can be detrimental to our physical and emotional health

  • During times of stress, your body is doing its best to maintain homeostasis or balance. It is trying to work efficiently, while attempting to reduce the effects of stress. This means it uses greater quantities of specific nutrients to stay in balance.

  • Nutrients depleted when stressed or too busy such as complex carbohydrates, proteins (tryptophan, phenylalanine and tyrosine, theanine) Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Magnesium, and Selenium.

Dr. Ryan Song's Take

Take a nap, or better yet take a vacation. You probably deserve it after all that work, right? It's great for

  • Relaxation

  • Reduced fatigue

  • Increased alertness

  • Improved mood

  • Improved headaches, of course.


One Quick Solution

The best remedy is to become aware of stress and overthinking, then do something to distract yourself, it teaches your brain to focus on something else and let go.


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