You're a Woodpecker! 

Woodpeckers slam a beak against the trunk of a tree 20 times per second and suffer no ill effects at all. Although it would seem like an activity that would cause headaches, jaw aches, and serious neck and brain injuries. We think you can be a woodpecker with the right management for your headaches. We will guide you though.


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This health plan, made just for Woodpeckers like you, is recommended to feel headache-free all day, everyday while supporting long-term health.


Woodpeckers are most likely...

  • You have the lingering injuries from whiplash (motor vehicle accidents), sports, work and poor posture.

  • You are a health conscious person with an active interest in your well-being. You have potential to be 100% headache-free.

  • You get headaches from time to time, but manageable with no medications.

  • You are looking for a proactive care for headache, and trying multiple gadgets and gizmos for relaxation.


  • In most cases, Headache for the Woopeckers is from the long-term musculoskeletal problems.


  • The Front: SCM muscles - staring at the screens for a long periods of time- poor sitting posture

  • The Back: Splenius muscles - with the lingering injuries such as sports, work, motor vehicle and so on

  • The Base: Sub-occipitalis - grinding teeth at night or slouching posture

  • The Side: Trapezius - acute or a chronic injury from work, whiplash, sports injuries


Dr. Ryan Song's Take

the lingering Injuries are best improved by improving posture. Such recovery starts with exercises and nutrient intake. Supplements could be an alternative solution. Try

  • Vitamin B12 for your diet

  • Veggie Omega for your heart

  • Cal-Magnesium for your sleep & muscles

  • Iron for your energy and recovery

  • Calcium Plus for your bones

  • B-Complex for your diet and stress relief


One Quick Solution

See the pain patterns, illustrated above. Massage there slowly and deeply. If you can't do it yourself, use a device like C-Rest or knobbers.


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