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Zero Gravity Meditation Seat Cushion

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Product Dimensions: 17.5 x 17.5 x 4.5 inches
Item Weight: 3.09 pounds
Manufacturer: Good Monday

About this item

  • ZGUP - THE PERFECT MEDITATION CUSHION: Designed to help you get serious about meditation while maintaining suppleness, flexibility and comfort – no matter your body type.
  • MEDITATION AND YOGA - Great for all yoga meditation levels and styles. Promotes proper posture and positioning, relieves stress on joints and properly support your spine.
  • PROPER HIP POSITIONING - The ZGUP was designed with 7 contours made specifically to encourage proper sitting posture starting with your hips and thighs. Correcting improper posture in your hips will make it much easier to fix a majority of posture issues such as rounded shoulders or "tech neck".
  • SIT FOR LONGER, FEEL WELL RESTED - With the ZGUP you can sit for hours and not feel fatigued, in fact you'll feel almost like you just work up from a relaxing nap. By taking the pressure off of your body, the ZGUP allows you to truly feel rested after taking some time to sit down. No longer will you need to take a break from sitting to relieve back or shoulder pain


    Reduce Sitting Stress How? It helps you to sit more upright by helping you sit 108 degree (hip angle as seen in the diagram). By sitting this way, your groin opens up and the Femoral nerves, arteries, & veins in the groin region flow much efficiently. Your core is engaged; the feet are grounded; the chest opens up; the vision naturally widens. It's a new way of sitting to the body, but much needed for the spines, discs, groins, legs and more.

    Safe Materials: Free of hazardous substances such as Formaldehyde

    In-depth Description

    Without Meditation Cushion   VS   With Meditation Cushion

    Improving posture with Zero Gravity Meditation Cushion

    Ergonomic Support - Using the Meditation Cushion helps build muscle memory. Your body will realize poor posture and bad habits, and start working towards good posture.

    Ergonomic support for hours

    The magic is in its ergonomic design where the back of the cushion is higher; It’s tilted forwards. Your hips are lifted while legs come down to the flow in the most natural way possible. This helps your spines stay upright with ease and confidence.